The Michigan Muskie Alliance (MMA) is not just a fishing club; far from it. MMA has always called itself a conservation organization above all else and is committed to the conservation of muskies.

Through cooperative projects with the Michigan DNR and other organizations, MMA is making muskie fishing better in Michigan for all anglers. One of the very first involvements MMA had with the Michigan DNR was getting a 50″ size limit put into effect on Thornapple Lake because that is one of Michigan’s two muskie broodstock lakes. Since that time, MMA has worked to promote Preservation, Restoration and Education through the projects below.


  • catchandrelease1

    Why Catch and Release?

    Catch and release is a relatively new concept to fishing, no matter what the species. Lessons learned in the past have given way to anglers being stewards of the resource and not just users.

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    Tools & Techniques

    With the recent successful introduction of muskellunge in many Michigan waters, there is increasing interest in the fishery, and along with that, increased angling pressure.

  • Hand supporting fishes body

    Taking Photos

    Many anglers want to have a photo of their catch. Let’s face it: we may spend thousands of dollars on rods, reels, lures and tackle, not to mention travel and boats. A photo of your soon to be released muskie would be nice to have!

  • releasing1


    After you’ve removed the hooks and taken a photo or two, the next step is making sure that fish is ready to swim away.

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    Information about Michigan muskies

    Need help finding where to fish for Muskie? Be sure to check out the Michigan Muskie Alliance (MMA) map of Michigan muskie waters as well as additional resources provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

  • A young angler at Fish Fest

    Wolf Lake Hatchery Visitor Center

    Wolf Lake Hatchery Visitor Center Fish Fest is put on each year by the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery Visitor Center. This event is directed at children to introduce them to and build their passion for fishing and the outdoors.

  • Fall fingerling harvest at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery

    Wolf Lake Hatchery Support

    Besides the Iowa fish stocking program, MMA has worked directly with Wolf Lake Hatchery on many projects with monetary donations or, when needed, providing manpower to assist with the completion of projects.

  • Know the Difference

    MMA started working on this project 2002 with limited funding, and initially the project struggled. As a result, only a small number of signs were placed around the state through 2007. However in 2008, MMA obtained a grant from the Hugh C. Becker Foundation that allowed MMA to renew this

  • Floy-tagging a Lake Ovid muskie

    Lake Ovid Floy Tagging

    In 2008, MMA worked with the Michigan DNR to tag angler-captured muskellunge in Lake Ovid (Clinton Co.) for the purpose of determining population density and angler exploitation.

  • An Elk Chain muskellunge recovering after being implanted with an ultrasonic transmitter.

    Elk Chain Tracking Study

    One of a few muskellunge populations in Michigan that are self-sustaining, albeit at a low density, is in the Elk Chain of lakes, comprised of Elk, Skegemog, Torch, Clam and Bellaire lakes.