Thornapple Lake Tracking Study

A Thornapple muskellunge being implanted with an ultrasonic transmitter.A Thornapple Muskellunge being implanted with an ultrasonic transmitter.

Central Michigan University, Michigan DNR, Michigan Muskie Alliance, and Muskies, Inc. sponsored this Thornapple Lake study that kicked off in 2004 and continued through 2006.

A graduate student from Central Michigan University tracked 18 muskies in Thornapple Lake in 2004 and 2005. These fish were fitted with sonar transmitters paid for by the MMA, and their movements were tracked throughout the year. This study was important in determining the areas where spawning was attempted, as well as seasonal migrations within the lake or into the Thornapple River. Currently Thornapple Lake carries a 50″ size limit to aid in maintaining a higher density population of mature adult Great Lakes strain of muskies that will be utilized as broodstock for the MI-DNR muskie-rearing program.