How to join MMA, or renew

If you want to become an MMA member, or are already a member but are new to the forum and need members only access, please follow the directions found here.
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How to join MMA, or renew

Postby hemichemi » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:19 pm

Thank you for considering a membership in MMA!

Become a Michigan Muskie Alliance - Muskies Inc. Chapter 47 member.

There are several Muskies Inc. Membership categories:

    Single person — $45.00 per year
    Family membership (dependents under 18 years) — $57.50 per year
    Junior (under 18) — $30.00 per year
    Web only (one person, no magazine) — $35.00 per year
    (Multiple-year plans are available at a reduced rate)
To join MMA as a Muskies Inc. Chapter 47 member (or renew) over the web, clickHERE.

(Be sure to specify "Chapter 47 – Michigan Muskie Alliance" for the chapter to join.)

After joining, please send a note with your email address to Nick Day at

Thanks! Hope to see you on the water!
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